The new information from the government about coronavirus regulations just hit us all of a sudden and we are happy to announce, that till Monday 27 April we are ready to prepare our studio for you all. The configuration and size of the studio is satisfactory and matches the restrictions. The distance between our poles is sufficient and we meet the rule of maximum 10 people in one room. In small room we mark the safety sectors for each student. For all of you who will not be able to sign up for the class due to reduced capacity we plan to continue with online streaming from these lessons to which you can sign in for a reduced price (because we already got used to training at home in front of a screen, right?). We also prolong the pause between the classes to 20 minutes to switch air in the room. Our common spaces we adjust the best possible to keep social distance. There will be enough of single use tissues and disinfection for both hands and poles (and other equipment) in the studio.  

And now the less popular part - the rules, that are necessary to follow:

  • WEAR A MASK UNTIL 11th MAY - Please wear a mask in all of our spaces. Of course, we are doing the warm up according to this so that we all will not pass out after the first minute. From 11th May you don´t need the mask for excercise anymore, YEY!!

  • USE A DISINFECTION TO CLEAN THE POLE AFTER EVERY CLASS - we are canceling the fabric towels for cleaning the poles. Instead every student receives a single use paper towel to dry the pole during the class. After every class it is mandatory for every student to cleans the whole pole (and the crash mat or other equipment, if used) with the disinfection that will be available in the studio

  • BRING YOUR OWN MAT - every student brings his/her own mat or a big towel to lay on during warm-up and calm-down, small sweat towel is voluntary according to student’s needs. We have a few older mats in the studio that we are selling from Monday for 70 CZK, they just need to get washed in a washing machine. From June 1st you are allowed to use our mats if you place a long towel under you.

  • NO SPOTTING - during the class the teacher stays by her pole and gives theoretical explanations. Everyone trains by him/herself. If the pole is slippery, one should better use a crash mat and cleans it with disinfection after.

  • WE ARE USING CHANGING ROOMS AND SHOWERS AGAIN - but try to keep the distance anyway ;)

  • BRING YOUR OWN DRINKING BOTTLE OR DRINKS - the glasses will be temporarily unavailable in the studio kitchinett

  • FOR THE CLASS COME JUST IN TIME, AFTER THE CLASS DO NOT STAY IN THE STUDIO LONGER THAN NECESSARY - we kindly ask students to come right on time and after the class to not gather in the common spaces of the studio. We know you haven’t seen each other for a long time but you’d better chat outside on the fresh air ;) 

  • UPDATE! we are coming back to 12 HOUR PENALTY-FREE CANCELATION of your reservations due to a large number of last minute cancelations which made it really difficult to organize classes. Thanks for understanding In case you feel sick even shorter before the class, write us a DM, we are going to solve these cases individually.


If someone struggles with using our reservation system, here you can find a manual in English: 


ONLINE CLASSES - we are keeping our Flexi classes (partially) and Hardcore classes (completely) on the online stram. There is a new type of ‘permanentka’ to choose in the system for 50CZK, after choosing it you can register for online class. It is necessary to pay (DM on FB, Instagram or e-mail to via bank transfer in advance or to send us a confirmation of the payment from internet banking. Student will receive a link to private online stream on YouTube and can join the class comfortably from your home.

We are soooo looking forward to meet you all again in the classes! Stay safe, stay healthy and keep your physical and mental health strong with us!

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